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Image by Jared Anders

Let's be difference makers.

I am a Fargo native who will work hard for you! I am committed to results, integrity, and strength. I am passionate, I will stand strong, and I will be your advocate. 


Growing up in Fargo, I graduated from Fargo North High, and earned my bachelor’s degree from MSUM in Moorhead, MN. I began my career in pharmaceuticals over 20 years ago. My responsibilities included mental health awareness, education, continuity of care services, promotion of injectable medications, and billing and reimbursement education. 


My husband and I both work in the healthcare industry, and one of our daughters serves in the military. 


I am inspired by those with courage, those willing to take a different approach, and those willing to choose activity over inactivity. 


I’m a leader, I listen, I am connected to our community, I bring an all-embracing community perspective. I am a hard worker, I am passionate and take action to get things done.


Strong communities are anchored in a spirit of collaboration. With my board experience and mental health background I have a unique set of experiences and skills to connect various segments of our community to discover shared objectives and work together towards finding innovative yet attainable solutions. 


Relationships and initiatives can and should reach beyond city limits and I feel I can help facilitate this.

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